While you may like the cooler weather, it can change driving conditions. We at Jim Schmidt Chevrolet Buick invite you to get your vehicle serviced to be prepared for the changes. We highly recommend getting the following services at our location in Hicksville, OH.


Brakes are essential to stop the vehicle in Hicksville, OH when you need them in the fall weather. You don't want to wait until the brake light goes out or the pedal feels mushy in Bryan, OH. Getting your brakes serviced prevents these issues from happening, improves fuel economy, and prolongs the life of the brakes.

Some other signs your brakes need service include grinding, taking longer to stop, vibrations when pressed, and pulling to one side. Check your manual for the suggested maintenance schedule for brakes and other services, which you may need more frequently depending on your driving habits.


You need strong tires to get around Defiance, OH in bad weather, so good tread and air pressure are essential. Tires lose air pressure at two psi per 10-degree drop when the weather cools.

You also need sufficient tread to get through mud and snow to reduce wear and tear, so consider tire rotation. There are gauges to check tire tread, and professionals recommend replacing tires with less than 2/32-inch tread.


Lights are important at any time of the year, especially when it gets darker earlier. Fall means you will likely be coming home from work or traveling in the dark in Fort Wayne, IN.

If your lights don't seem bright enough and you don't feel comfortable changing bulbs, get them inspected by Jim Schmidt Chevrolet Buick. It is best to replace both bulbs simultaneously since the other will likely wear out soon after.

Windshield Wipers

You want your windshield wipers to be in good condition for visibility, but they can wear with age. Some signs your windshield wipers need replacing include squeaking noises, cracked rubber, or leaving patches of moisture.

If you ignore windshield wiper problems, they won't be as effective and may damage the windshield. You also need windshield wiper fluid, which a technician can check and top up for you.


While a working battery is needed in all kinds of conditions, it becomes even more important when the weather gets cooler. A battery can lose 35% of its power even at 32 degrees and 60% of power at 0 degrees.

Check your battery for signs of corrosion and wire damage that can interfere with the operation and cause it to die. Get it tested to ensure it can hold a charge, which is essential if the battery is over three years old. However, it is commonly wise to replace a battery that is over three years old because they become less reliable and less safe.

Heater and Defroster

Not only do you need your heater for comfort, but it is also important to keep the windows defrosted. Fall is the ideal time to check it so you won't have trouble in cooler weather.

Also, ensure the defroster is properly defogging the windows, and replace broken heaters or defrosters. Signs of a bad heater core include foggy windows, coolant leaks, overheating engine, and a cold interior.


Your vehicle requires several fluids to keep it in operation, and the cooler weather can make them thicker. Some fluids you should get checked are engine oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, and transmission fluid.

Modern vehicles typically light a symbol on the dashboard when certain fluids need refilling, such as an oil can. If transmission fluid is low, it may cause leaks, poor acceleration, fluid smells, and trouble shifting gears.

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